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Closely monitored and controlled harvests. Annual allocations set to 4% of estimated biomass. more info>

Individual Quick Freeze Processing
-  IQF -

These scallops are quick frozen using CO2 within hours of being removed from the sea. IQF is proven in taste tests to be the best freezing method for shellfish.

Award Winning
Harvesting Method

NO destruction to sea floor. Scallops are harvested with the "Richard's Scallop Trawl" as they "swim" above the bottom.
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Four ways to buy Swimming Scallops:

  • Fresh - Shipped same day caught

  • Frozen - Quick frozen bulk packed 30 lb case

  • Cold Smoked - vacuum packed & frozen 1 lb bags

  • Hot Smoked - 70 gram tins

Cold smoked, vacuum packed, and frozen.
Thaw and serve.  Bet you can't eat only one!

 Frozen spiny and pink scallops.
Pre-cleaned. No need to Thaw.
From the freezer direct to the
steamer- ready in 4 minutes!

Spiny (Chlamys hastata) and Pink (Chlamys rubida)
Size:  51 to 58 mm diameter
Count: 2
0-24 per pound frozen
85-95 per 1lb bag, cold smoked
Count: 16-18 per 70 gram tin, hot smoked

Harvested from the cold waters of the Discovery Islands in British Columbia, swimming scallops are a delicate, wonderfully tasting, and nutritious seafood. The scallops are not damaged during harvesting and well cleaned before going to the processor where they are "individually quick frozen" (IQF) to retain their "fresh caught" taste.

The West Coast Scallop Harvesters Association and the Canadian Ministry of  Fisheries and Oceans continually monitor the scallop beds to insure a healthy catch and control the allotment in order to assure sustainability of this desirable seafood.

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